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Hello, new to Ketarin. I have found and configured through online database many portable applications to update, however most download through .rar, .zip, or .exe based archives. I see that there is the ability to execute batch scripts on completion that would allow me to silently extract these, but I cannot seem to target the file I downloaded via ketarin as my variables aren't passing through correctly.


How do I automatically extract archives into the directory my updated program downloaded into (replacing existing files)?

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7z x "{file}" -o"{file:directory}\{appname}\" -y

You need the 7z.exe and 7z.dll from your 7zip installation folder. Copy the files to your Ketarin program folder and use the line above as "command after downloading" to extract the archived files into a subfolder called like your predefined application name / {appname} or whatever name you want to use.

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hi. I want the software Geek Uninstaller to be downloaded as a compressed file automatically and compactly, and copy its file into the C driver.
What should I use?

Sorry i do not speak English well



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