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I am hoping to make one, it looks like FOSSHub relies on referer information to generate the required links, which is currently impossible in Ketarin (referer info can only be set for download links, not variables). I've posted a feature request for this to be added, if it does it should be easy enough (until they change their site again).

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Guest FossHub

FossHub relies on multiple technologies and we often change them. You are free to check for new software versions several times a day using automated tools (use common sense and don't get too aggressive) but please note it is forbidden to steal bandwidth or attempt similar techniques. FossHub offers free services (for HUMANS not automated tools, not bots) and pays for the bandwidth, dedicated servers and other services. It is a free service for people that understand and accept our terms. We understand that not everyone agrees with us but hey, there's a plenty of other similar websites - you are invited to use them.


Finally, Ketarin is owned by Canneverbe Limited, which are famous for the well-known CDBurnerXP meaning that they have the financial resources and poses the knowledge to develop their own infrastructure.

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Well, first I don't use Ketarin several times a day (and sometimes only once a week, not more).

I don't perform update checks directly on fosshub host but author/software websites indeed, then use their download links for downloading files (only if a new version is available)

I'm not mirrorring fosshub so I don't consider fosshub (or any other host) bandwith stolen.

Sometimes, we cannot avoid using fosshub host when author/software official download links are only fosshub ones...


Secondly, I'm only a Ketarin user and it was initially a help request to the community, not a ketarin feature (or infrastructure) request to the Cannaverbe team, so I don't understand your last sentence, why putting them in the loop ? :huh:


Finally as a wonderfull tool, I already work-rounded your direct and "unbreakable" download security by using pre-download commands (opening a browser to the download page, then click save and continue the update/install process) and this solution respect your terms.

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Guest FossHub



1. Most software titles use more than one mirror, not just FossHub or another download website. If it's not available, you can request the software author to add another mirror from where you can download without interracting with us. Please don't take it personally but I doubt that people behind a software will agree with this idea. Anyhow, there are two things to consider:


a) As a user, you can ask.

B) There are plenty of other websites.


2. I have mentioned Cannaverbe team because they have *created* Ketarin app and considering their financial position, they can offer a free service for Ketarin users. I am confident that people will be happy to contribute financially to support the associated costs with bandwidth and servers.


3. We didn't claimed it is "unbreakable", all I was saying is that we will change things if our free service is abused. Thank you! As a final conclusion, there's a single click involved from your side (from a human not an automated tool) and everyone is happy.

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I'll prefix this response by stating I'm a volunteer -- I have no stake in Ketarin/CDBurnerXP/Canneverbe other than my love of the software. I donate my own time (when I have any available) because I love it so much. Now back to my rant.


I think you're seriously misrepresenting what Canneverbe is. They ("he", really) provide a free application, free source code and free hosting for their app and code. He also provides another free app, Ketarin, that allows its users to take advantage of a local cache. He's created other free apps, too, such as CSSTidy. If you've used CDBurnerXP, you know it's a free application and the only potential income from it is the interstitial during the install (via OpenCandy), which I very much doubt even completely offsets the costs of the infrastructure to distribute just the 2 applications, much less time and labor to develop them. More importantly, Canneverbe is really a one-man show by a guy that's still got a day job. You have the same number of ads on FossHub that exist on all of the Canneverbe sites combined.


To the point, however, you should really take the opportunity to work with the users of applications like Ketarin. Ketarin ensures that we use the absolute minimal bandwidth necessary. Setup correctly (which can be accomplished with a clean template that is then shared for other Ketarin users to use), it only makes a single HTML request to your server on an irregular basis (though most of us run them every few days or on a weekly basis). If you were to opt to create your own template you could even code it so that it imposed various controls such as frequency limitations (perform IP throttling for matching query types, for example) thus imposing a relevant mechanism for users to avoid abusing your server. Ketarin allows version monitoring and tracking, which ensures that downloading the binary/release file is NOT undertaken unless it's necessary. Without that type of control you'll find people have to repeatedly download the same files, consuming way more bandwidth. Yes, if they visit the site they *might* actually click the ad, but people that use apps like Ketarin are *not* the type of people that are ever going to click the ads on your site. Quite the opposite, we're the people that, having dealt with the technical side of oh so many cleanups, we simply don't click ads at all. In fact, I would bet most of us are extremely careful even clicking the legitimate "download" links/buttons on most sites, first viewing the page source to ensure that it's "really" the download link. Ads suck, you know.


The alternative solution for people that need a local cache, of course, is to throw something like HTTrack at it which will significantly increase your costs. When people want to find a way, they will. It's very unlikely that any rules you impose will prevent someone who really wants to get at your apps. You could opt to being a replacement for FileHippo, or you can continue to make things difficult for the very small community of techs that require the ability to easily collect or monitor release files for our organizations.

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