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Have anyone tried making a template from PortableApps ?

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To be honest I'm using the PortableApps Suite for all the Apps I got from there. Don't see too much need for using Ketarin to do the update checking and downloading when there are so many apps and tools that don't have a portable Software Suite to keep all the files updated.


Ketarin is checking on enough Apps and Tools as is for me, no need to have two programs checking on the same files.


all portable apps hosted on http://sourceforge.net/ try this:


Well... Regarding SF... I personally would try to avoid SF at all costs. SF has (more or less) recently started inject adware and malware installing installers to a bunch of SF projects... A lot of these projects have (supposedly) been abandoned by their owners on SF because of ads and spam on the site and relocated to different servers. If SF would actually just mirror the original files (as they claim to do) I would be ok with it... But again they inject their adware and malware infested installers to these files.


If you want anything hosted on SF you're better off trying to find the "original" servers where these projects are hosted without SFs installer... Saving you about 70 MB (value taken by comparing GIMP on SF (91 MB) and GIMP.org (19 MB)).


I'm definitely going to avoid SF and recommend avoiding it to anyone I know. 

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