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Copy and paste a download entry - variables not populated?

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Using latest (I think?) Ketarin at


Thanks for putting in copy/paste of a download entry, that's really handy.


However, the variables in the new (cloned) entry are zero-length, they are not populated.


This seems to be true whether a regex or a start/end selection is used.


To recreate, copy and paste an existing (working) entry that scrapes a variable. Change the application name of the cloned entry so you can tell them apart. Now right-click and update the cloned entry. The variables are not populated.


Thanks and regards,


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Great news, thanks.


Also, I just found out that once I have a cloned variable that does not populate, if I create a brand-new Ketarin entry and scrape a variable, that brand-new variable will not populate either. I quit and relaunched Ketarin to no effect. I rebooted my system and the brand-new Ketarin entry and variable is working now without modification.


Just FYI in case that affects the 'fix'.



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