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How to use the "Variable for custom column"?


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Hi Flo,


Great to see that Ketarin now has it's own forum :D


Ketarin it is definitely becoming more and more useful with every new release.


I was wondering about the "Variable for custom column" feature as I can not seem to get it to work. :(


So far I have only tried with one of the applications I update from FileHippo.com and I suspect that creating custom variables is not supported for FileHippo.com downloads, because of the use of the "FileHippo ID:" field, rather then the "URL:" field?


EDIT: I noticed that indeed the "Variable for custom column" feature only works for none FileHippo.com links :o


Thanks and regards,



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good to see you on board as well ;)


You are indeed right about this problem: Ketarin does - for performance reasons - only refresh those variables, which are actually being used within URLs. This is obviously not the case for HileHippo downloads. For the next version, however, Ketarin will also have a look at the custom columns variable name and refresh the corresponding variable.


Thanks for the report :)

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