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I would like Ketarin users to submit a list of their TOP FIVE MOST FREQUENTLY USED Software Download Sites in order that we all can gain some knowledge of which sites that we need to focus on for developing templates that do not currently exist in our 'Template Forum' posts. Thank you in advance for your input!

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Excellent idea, mine would be:


Softpedia - simply the amount of content available

Filehippo - is the best implementation of a site would like to see more stuff on there though

BetaFileForum - after using your provided template

Sourceforge - not a true software site but you'll no doubt understand its usefulness

Download.com - the grand daddy of them all


3 others I think may be worth a look at are:


Tucows, Serverfiles.com, PortableApps.com


P.S It occured to me,as some of the files people loo for eg Java SDK etc can be difficult to obtain via the 'site' I would suggest it may be worth me looking at using some well known mirror sites like http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites (for templates)

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BUMP, from looking at the number of posts it seems like a few site templates have proved rather popular.


I hope others will post their opinions to this survey.


We could look at defining the down loader TYPE eg are you a developer downloading tar.gz files, maybe you are a system builder who's always downloading driver updates or you use game 'demo' and patch sites etc.


I understand some of the sites mentioned eg Softpedia cater for all these types but I suspect from a development point of view some of this would be useful as well as allowing those of us who like to 'tinker' template a better idea of what people want and some ideas for future challenges

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we'll actually....


One of the reasons for me to look for something like Ketarin is the fact that I download most stuff from the original websites (as it seems safest to me). But it's a lot of work to stay updated with all these individual sites.


As much as I like the idea of 1 or 2 central 'repositories' I am always a bit wary that these download sites put in extra stuff (in zip files etc....) and I am not 100% sure what their source is. (might just be my lack of research on this topic)



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Sites like MG, SF, Softpedia, Filehippo... are reliable sites with thousands of happy users. It's not P2P we're talking about. If you have a lot of apps and you wanna 'batch DL' with Ketarin there is really no alternative than to use such sites. If you have a lot of apps its also a lot easier to track only one site: if HTML changes, if DL_URL changes, you can 'batch edit' your XMLs in a breeze. Key here is scale. Another point is several developers choose to upload *only* to such sites for marketing purposes, so... ;)

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Here's my list (in no particular order):

I find it useful to have a Google Custom search for these kind of sites:




This is on my bookmark:


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Very nice, Aurelio, though I suggest against using CNET whenever possible, now that they're including crapware in all the downloads.
I agree, I use it as a last resource only... (which does end up being... never! " :P ) but about the "crapware" (CNET installer?) it's still possible to avoid it by clicking on "Direct Download Link" right below the big "Download Now" button. I've been using FileHorse.com as an alternative to some apps that were previously setup on FileHippo.com (I'm tring to spread out the tracking source for my apps as much as possible - "no more than 25 apps at a single source"). FileHorse is an almost outrageous copy of FileHippo. " What I most like about the custom search is that I can instantaneously "refine" it (loose filter) by clicking on a specific Site that I'm looking for (to use in that particular application).
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