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Hi there,


Once again I'm not quite sure where to put this but it does seem like a bug.


Regarding the proxy settings, I'm having some trouble downloading using Ketarin at work. So yes, I am able to download packages using Ketarin, but it's very inconsistent.


As I am at work I have to use the proxy address to get through the local firewall. What I have found is that if I open Ketarin and then run 'Update', Ketarin fails to connect and download any packages whatsoever. However, if I simply view the proxy settings (which have been previously setup during another session of the program), and then 'Update', everything downloads no problem.


It seems like the proxy settings aren't being correctly set until I actually view them?!


Just a thought, but would it be a problem to include maybe an option under the HTTP proxy settings to use the 'Internet Explorer proxy settings' (default) or enter one's own? I know many other programs seem to use this approach...


I found version 0.9.8 of Ketarin (before the proxy settings were included) to work well when downloading, just as a reference.




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