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  1. thx @shawn for your answer. 1) no I got it right, my example isn't described enough, I assume I know the difference 2) this explains why it isn't working and was already coming to my mind that the scripts are running for themselves and thx again for a possible workaround addressing my issue
  2. I'm trying the following: define a global variable, e.g. "7zip" create a PowerShell "before updating" global command: "$7zip = $GlobalVars.'7zip'.CachedContent" then try using this in a PowerShell command "after downloading": $7zip x c:\temp\test.zip This is not working, it seems that $7zip is not defined when "after downloading" script is executed. Any ideas how to solve that? Putting "$7zip = $GlobalVars.'7zip'.CachedContent" within the "after download" section works but then I'd have to put it in every application which I want to avoid...
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