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  1. How can I add Chrome?

    Thank you
  2. How can I add Chrome?

    Hi everyone, My English is not good so forgive me. I want to add Chrome (32 Bit Standalone) to ketarin apps but download link isn't binary. Chrome link: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/thankyou.html?standalone=1&system=true&platform=win&statcb=0&installdataindex=defaultbrowser Auto download link: https://dl.google.com/tag/s/appguid%3D{8A69D345-D564-463C-AFF1-A69D9E530F96}%26iid%3D{E98A73B0-D618-2E00-8F02-C080BDD47788}%26lang%3Dtr%26browser%3D4%26usagestats%3D0%26appname%3DGoogle%20Chrome%26needsadmin%3Dtrue%26ap%3Dstable-arch_x86-statsdef_1%26installdataindex%3Ddefaultbrowser/chrome/install/ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe I need link in red font. How can i find this code in chrome link? I think it is in javascript code. And when do you release stable version of ketarin? How can i extract archive or file to archive?
  3. Other Location Update Check?

    Thank you :)
  4. Other Location Update Check?

    I'm sorry, I don't understand and i didn't do it. Can you share xml code for this solution? (Setting app and setting columns...)I'm a not expert user Thank you for everythig.
  5. Other Location Update Check?

    This code DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo("D:\\my software"); FileInfo[] files = di.GetFiles("CCle*"); foreach (FileInfo fi in files) { string filename = fi.Name.ToString(); filename= filename.Replace("CCleaner", ""); filename= filename.Replace(".rar", ""); MessageBox.Show(filename); } Output >> Version in folder Can I transfer output to column?
  6. Other Location Update Check?

    I just want to see current version coulumn for my software folder. https://ketarin.org/forum/topic/812-relative-paths-on-download-location/page-2#entry6172 >>> Current column is as I wanted. Ketarin will take version in soft. folder. Ketarin will scan file name and take version code in folder. Example; My dir: Winrar 5.20 CCleaner 5.02 Ketarin will take version for this software. Appname: Winrar | Current Column : 5.20 | Last Version: 5.22 Appname: CCleaner | Current Column : 5.02 | Last Version: 5.02 (It will take all name not only availabe update. Thank you for help.
  7. Other Location Update Check?

    No, I don't want to create an offline archive of multiple versions, only I want to see old version in my software folder. And I just compare new version and old version.You are right, I create offline archive but I want to only create new version archive not multiple. I request current column only. So, how can i do it?
  8. Other Location Update Check?

    Thank you, it works So, Can you make it new column for me? This column will "old version" in folder. I mean, when i check update for "example 1.23", appear 1.23 in column name "old version" Example this topic: https://ketarin.org/forum/topic/812-relative-paths-on-download-location/?p=6172 I want to current column. I say again, sorry my English. I be rude unconsciously.
  9. Other Location Update Check?

    Any news? Can do you make it? Sorry my English, I'm sorry I can not express myself. I want to Ketarin will check file version in downloaded folder(this folder is specific, I mean each software in each paths) and check new version to website. I say again. I mean I have D:\software\archive\winrar 5.1.rar (My files are .rar extension) and ketarin will check file version name for update? Not only winrar, for ~50 software So compare file version in folder and version in website. DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo("D:\software\archive\"); FileInfo[] files = di.GetFiles("winr*"); foreach (FileInfo fi in files) { MessageBox.Show(fi.Name); } This code can take file version in folder but just I can do before downloading. I can't fi.name to current column. Please help me! If you know Turkish people (can speak English and create template) in forum, I can talk about it.
  10. Hi, Firstly, sorry my English. I want to make new update check system. Example Keratin in my desktop but my apps in other folder (not download folder), keratin check file name in folder. My apps folder: "D:\Myapps\Winrar 4.20.rar" Keratin checks old version and write in column like that {old version} And it compare them. Can you create it?
  11. Relative Paths (on download location)

    Hi, Can you share your settings file and template. And Can you do it? https://ketarin.org/forum/topic/3504-other-location-update-check/ Thanks.
  12. Other Location Update Check?

    Already your software work it what i say. I want to check each software different folder. Can you any script for it?
  13. Firstly, sorry my English. I want to check new update the other location each software. I mean I have D:\software\archive\winrar 5.1.rar (My files are .rar extension) and Can ketarin check file version name for update? Not only winrar, for ~50 software