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  1. i'm also affected. wait for a fix
  2. Pls Andarium can you post a download link of your recompiled exe? Thx!
  3. You are my hero kazso! without you I doubt that we would find a quick solution to the new filehippo layout. Thx a lot again
  4. Thx kazso, i've reported the problem to filehippo, with the right checksum for the file, wish they could fix this soon on their site
  5. Thx a lot for all of your efforts kazso, ireally appreciate. I also have a problem: when try to update cdex from filehippo, every times ketarin (your last beta kazso) download it again and again, is it normal?
  6. Seems to work now. Thx a lot kazso. BEST SUPPORT EVER
  7. 7-Zip x64 FileHippo ID '7-zip_64' does not exist. 7-Zip x86 FileHippo ID '7zip_32' does not exist. CDex FileHippo ID 'cdex' does not exist. LibreOffice FileHippo ID 'libreoffice' does not exist. uTorrent FileHippo ID 'utorrent' does not exist. I have this problems with the new exe. These are just my errors? Others feedback? Thx a lot kazso for your effort
  8. I have a problem with google chrome from filehippo (avoid beta not working)
  9. Also i wish in a rapid fix or a workaround. Thx
  10. i noticed this 2 weeks ago, i wrote to filehippo to ask an answer but never reply me....
  11. Hello, i also wait for the fix. Thanks
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