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  1. Hi, Thank you very much to both of you. i definitely have to learn how regex works...
  2. Hello, i want to add this new app to Ketarin, but i get this error : Regedix The downloaded file is not a binary file type (text/html; charset=UTF-8). Possibly there is an error page. Status code: 200 (OK) (https://regedix.webrox.fr/download.php?v=1.0.1&file=1.0.1/Regedix_installer-1.0.1-x64.exe) I understand the issue comes from the url, but i don't know how to solve it... can tou help me ? Website : https://regedix.webrox.fr/ Download url : https://regedix.webrox.fr/download.php?v={version}&file={version}/Regedix_installer-{version}-x64.exe Thank you !
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