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    Could not create SSL/TLS

    Thank you for posting this. I had the same problem on my Win 10 Home version 1709 system. Added the registry keys you noted and now Ketarin works with FileHippo again. Hopefully I won't have problems with other applications, will report back here if I do... Mahalo, Harry Z
  2. Yes, "$ Remote Tools" already exists. Adding the trailing backslash did not resolve the problem (i.e. no error messages received from the "Run" dialog, and the files were not copied to the intended directory) Thanks for the tip on the global variables. Will implement them after I get these copy commands to work. Harry Z
  3. Mahalo for the replies. Sorry for the delay in responding, but I did not receive a notification that there was a reply. I will test out your suggestions and provide an update. Harry Z.
  4. I'm using Ketarin 1.8.7 on Windows 10 1703. I only use it for keeping my installation files up-to-date (don't install anything using Ketarin). For some of the applications, I need to copy one or more of the files to a couple of different locations on my machine (local drives, not a network drive). Here's what the "after downloading" commands look like: =================== "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" x "{file}" -o"{file:directory}" -y copy "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexp64.exe" "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\$ Remote Tools" copy "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexpl.reg" "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\$ Remote Tools" copy "D:\Haole Boy\$USB files and folders\$ Tools\Process Explorer\procexp64.exe" "C:\Tools" =================== When in the edit window, I can click 'Run' and I get a window message box saying that the script executed successfully. When I look at the various directories involved, I can see that the unzip command worked, but none of the following commands succeeded. I'm not sure if they are not actually executed or if they fail for some reason. If I "rem" out the first command, the 2nd command works, but the 3rd and 4th do not. Same if I 'rem' out the first 2 commands the 3rd works, etc. I've copied the 2nd - 4th lines into a .bat file and it executes the commands without an error, so I don't think I have a syntax problem. I'll be happy to collect whatever documentation you need, just tell me what and how to do it. Mahalo! (Thank You!) Harry Z
  5. Aloha! I used to be able to download Adobe Flash and Reader from Filehippo using Ketarin with no problems. Sometime in the last month or two Filehippo changed so that if you try to download Flash or Reader you get redirected to 'get.adobe.com/flashplayer'. Obviously, Ketarin can't handle this (and I don't expect it to). But.. has anyone found another site to easily download the latest version of Flash and Reader using Ketarin? I did see a URL for a different download site in another post but it includes the version number, I would like something like filehippo where the url will always get me the latest (non-Beta) version. Mahalo, Harry Z.

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