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    Well, first I don't use Ketarin several times a day (and sometimes only once a week, not more). I don't perform update checks directly on fosshub host but author/software websites indeed, then use their download links for downloading files (only if a new version is available) I'm not mirrorring fosshub so I don't consider fosshub (or any other host) bandwith stolen. Sometimes, we cannot avoid using fosshub host when author/software official download links are only fosshub ones... Secondly, I'm only a Ketarin user and it was initially a help request to the community, not a ketarin feature (or infrastructure) request to the Cannaverbe team, so I don't understand your last sentence, why putting them in the loop ? Finally as a wonderfull tool, I already work-rounded your direct and "unbreakable" download security by using pre-download commands (opening a browser to the download page, then click save and continue the update/install process) and this solution respect your terms.
  2. Dji


    I'm trying to create FossHub.com template on my own but it seems to be a little too tricky for me (javascript generated URL and "hash" in final download URL - when I use Firefox or IE) Is there already a template available ?
  3. Year, I got it ! Thanks for your suggestions I finally used the following regex: {version:regexreplace:^\d+(\.\d+)*\.\d$:$00} Again thanks !
  4. Hi, I would like to add trailing zeros of a variable when I encounter a version number without it: Examples: if initial version 5.57 -> version is 5.57 but : if initial version 5.8 -> version would be 5.80 and not 5.8 In such cases I usually use regular expression replacements but the following regular regexpression syntaxes does not works unfortunatey... {version:regexreplace:^(\d+)\.(\d)(?!\d)$:$1.$20} -> result is 5.$20 can't work of course, group 20 is unknown {version:regexreplace:^(\d+)\.(\d)(?!\d)$:$1.$2\0} -> result is 5.8\0 escape character doesn't work as well {version:regexreplace:^(\d+)\.(?<first>\d)(?!\d)$:$1.${first}0} -> result is 5.${first0} group name is unkown ! {version:regexreplace:^(\d+)\.(?<first>\d)(?!\d)$:$1.${first\}0} -> result is 5.${first}0 group name is unkown even using escape character ! Help required, thanks !
  5. Using {url:basefile} in "Save in folder" field, the variable is evaluated. So if I understood well, there is no solution for my issue for now :-( Am i right ?
  6. Problem is that I need to get version number from filename in order to save it into a dedicated folder (which include the version number) and the issue is that the version number is displayed nowhere on the website, only in the downloaded filename.
  7. Hum, sorry for not be signed for my first post ;-) I would like to precise I also tried using {file} instead of {url:basefile} but without success... Again, thanks in advance for any help ! :-)
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