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  1. Create the variable "lastversion": URL: http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/desktop/ Regex: <a href="((\d+\.){3})\d{2,3}/[^\n]+\n</pre> Now create the variable "version": URL: http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/desktop/ Regex: (?=({lastversion}\d{3})/[^\n]+\n<a href="{lastversion}\d{2}/|({lastversion}\d{2,3})[^\n]+\n</pre>)(\2)?
  2. You need to use the regexreplace function to add the missing points: {version:regexreplace:(\w\d)(\d)(\d)(\d):$1.$2.$3.$4}
  3. I tried your first regex, and it worked fine for me. Are you using the latest Ketarin beta (1.7.0 b2) ? Try the following regex, and see if its work: {version:regexreplace:^\d+\.\d$:$00} If still not working, than create a textual variable with the name "version1" : {version:regexreplace:^\d+\.\d$:$0#} And now you can use replace to add the zero: {version1:replace:#:0}
  4. The issue still persist. Nobody else has the same problem? Shawn, your are able to upload to the online database?
  5. I recently submitted a new application (ArsClip) to the online database, but later I could not find there, so I checked my log: Could not submit 'ArsClip' to the online database: Unhandled XML_RPC2_Exception exception:The application name is missing. After that I re-shared several my apps, but none of them get updated online. They had the same error as ArsClip. Since all my apps have name (obviously), the issue must be with the online database.
  6. Shawn, I had a similar problem with the {version} not resolving. I solved by checking the {version} content before downloading an update. Below is the batch command that I put in Global Commands - Before updating an application: if "{version}"=="" exit 1
  7. mikeparkie, read the rest of the Omniferum post, it show you how to do: In your case to download Plex media server use this regex: [^"']+server[^"']+\.exe
  8. I could not save to a file the content of that website, but I had more luck with cURL. First create a local textual variable {post}: CreateFile=Sprachdatei erstellen und herunterladen&enctype=multipart/form-data&action=index.php?title=Spezial:LanguagepackCreator Then insert in the Pre-Command field: curl -d "{post:replace: :+}" "http://miranda-im.de/mediawiki/index.php?title=Spezial:LanguagepackCreator" -o "C:\Miranda.txt"
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