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  1. Can you test it now? it should work now AFAIK. ps: the underlying components on which this was built several years ago are a piece of shit.. extra time has to be allocated to get rid of it at some point in the future.. It keeps breaking incessantly as the universe moves on..
  2. Fixed.. sorry for not noticing.. currently we are running without a system that notifies impending certificate expiration.. if it is any consolation, it happened to Apple, a multi billion dollar corporation few weeks ago and all the update services 's customers were locked out.
  3. Known issue, fix known . will be adressed soon.
  4. I am looking into this, it is caused by change in configurations and webserver environment changes.
  5. Server migration should start soon. expect minor annoyances
  6. 3 days, this is valid, if and only if - This soon to be replaced server does not crash, because if it does, the session information, which might be stored in volatile (RAM) storage is gone foreva (though Im seeing now IPB stores session info in database, dunnno to which extent though) -
  7. works great in opera Mobile using android 2.3.x and the IPB Mobile theme.
  8. Yeah, seeing that bug (in the CSS most likely) while using Chrome and Firefox
  9. ..And I am currently setting up the new webserver as well
  10. Deploying IPv6 is in the TODO list, only thing stopping it is my lazyness :-D
  11. Yeah, interesting however there is nothing we can do about it. When we deployed SSL in this server we tried to not use SNI (to avoid this special virtualhost for IE-winxp users) , however the non-SNI way requires one IP address per ssl-virtualhost and as you may already know, the world ran out of IPv4 allocation space a while ago, making our ISP reluctant to assign more than 1 IP address per server ... We can provide fallback only to cdburnerxp.se 's forums (noob IE-winXP users are somehow still around there :-D )
  12. The browser you are using is likely miscompiled and lacks of SNI (Server Name Indication ) support http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication , which is used in this server for all SSL domains except forum.cdburnerxp.se , which is the default ssl host in case cdburnerxp users are running broken browsers like IE6/IE7 in windows XP which does not support this feature. All other browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc should work on any OS version as well IE on Vista and later.
  13. The database can take care of that by itself, however what needs to be defined is X in period of time and what other conditions to use.
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