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  1. @shawn thank you so much for the extensive answer. Indeed I normally try to not fabricate URL following a fixed pattern I discovered "visually" in the web page, but I am also still too naive in using Ketarin and I need to learn most of the hints you've thrown in your answer, especially the pre/post download tricks. Any pointer to examples on how to use them in a given use case would help.
  2. Mmm... after a further closer look at the application's web page source, it seems that the site's maintainer has messed the version strings (he used for the download link, and for the description). The {url} regex will never succeed as it is right now. Changing the {url} regex to textual content as https://dist.mountainduck.io/Mountain%20Duck%20Installer-{version}.exe works as temporary hack. Nevertheless, in my opinion Ketarin when trying to update the application should alert that {url} didn't resolve to a match, instead of indicating the operation as a success After enforcing the URL, it finally downloads the file: Thanks again.
  3. Hello, first time I write on this forum. I have the following application definition to deal with Mountain Duck. All of a sudden, Ketarin started refused to download a new version released in the past days because it states the cached version was already at the value it fetched with the definition's regex. That was with Ketarin 1.8.11. I decided to switch Ketarin 1.9 beta, I've exported the definition (the one I am attaching) and I've delete the application from Ketarin. I exited and restarted Ketarin, re-imported the application definition, and tried to download the application, to no avail. The log states: 11/6/2023 21:27:24: Update started with 1 application(s) 11/6/2023 21:27:24: Mountain Duck: Replacing {version} in 'href=(https://dist.mountainduck.io/Mountain%20Duck%20Installer-{version}.exe)' with '' 11/6/2023 21:27:24: Mountain Duck: Checking if update is required... 11/6/2023 21:27:25: Mountain Duck: Replacing {version} in '{version}' with '' 11/6/2023 21:27:25: Mountain Duck: No previous value for {version} available, ignoring this variable as indicator for changes 11/6/2023 21:27:25: Update finished I am out of ideas. Thanks for any hint you can give me. Mountain Duck.xml
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