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  1. hi everyone, i try to modify the version variable like this : <Variables> <item> <key> <string>version</string> </key> <value> <UrlVariable> <RegexRightToLeft>false</RegexRightToLeft> <VariableType>Textual</VariableType> <Regex/> <TextualContent>{psversion:ps}</TextualContent> <Name>version</Name> </UrlVariable> </value> </item> <item> <key> <string>psversion</string> </key> <value> <UrlVariable> <RegexRightToLeft>false</RegexRightToLeft> <VariableType>Textual</VariableType> <Regex/> <TextualContent>[System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo]::GetVersionInfo("{file}").FileVersion </TextualContent> <Name>psversion</Name> </UrlVariable> </value> </item> </Variables> but with an app from online database it doesn't work : 28/02/2022 22:53:41: Notepadplus: Replacing {psversion} in '{psversion:ps}' with '[System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo]::GetVersionInfo("C:\Users\Dumont\Downloads2\clef usb programme\clef\programmes personnels gratuits\Ketarin\..\installateur\Notepadplus\npp.8.3.2.Installer.exe").FileVersion ' 28/02/2022 22:53:41: Notepadplus: PowerShell command of downloaded application is not executed for security reasons. 28/02/2022 22:53:41: Notepadplus: Replacing {version} in '{version}' with '' How can i perform this with an online database app ?
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