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  1. hello shawn have no good result whith this script wget create a JPG file whith link names and the JPGfil is not downloaded. i want its possible download JPG whith same name of movie capture in my variable{Film}. i joined a example of probleme
  2. thanks shawn have found source code in start of web page
  3. i try but its not work when a skip () all the line is off in example i need the select in yellow
  4. thank you my probleme is resolve whith option "save to file" thank you shawn. now have another questions;) its torrent download ... so i start download and now the name is replace whit your help but when aria2 download torrent he take another name ....for download file . example: file whith your help names {varnamefilm} "example "winni the pooh" after aria 2 start download but the real name its maybe "XXX-winni-the-pooh- blurayx256(...).AVI" how can replace the name by first variable hows name "winni the pooh" ?
  5. hi . do you know how can select a javascript button for start download ? the link of bouton is "javascript:"
  6. when a start download i receive a file who's name président.... ketarin dont want start my after-download command because the name its not write president...
  7. thank you shawn can you explain me where a do take this variable for works?
  8. hello have same probleme whit that do you have idee for resolve this probleme?
  9. hello can you see me an exemple for use variable "if empty" in ketarin! i need go in another URL if result is empty thx for your help
  10. hello I would like to change the name of the download file. the name contains these 2 special characters é I would like to transform the variable {file} by replacing é with e
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