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  1. Does anyone know if there is a variable/function to return just the NAME portion of the FILENAME, minus the root, path, and extension? (eg) for "C:\installs\newone\someapp.exe" returns "someapp". Thanks muchly. (Sorry if this seems like a dumb question; noob.)
  2. In some instances I have found that using {file:basefile} works where {url:basefile} doesn't. Also the latest version(s) allow multiple command lines without using '&' or '&&', so that part should work OK for you.
  3. I have gotten this exception too, in my case I found it happened when there was an unrecognized prefix in the URL field. This happened when I copied and pasted a URL from Opera, not realizing that it would show up as "from:http:\\" and ketarin choked on "from:". Hope this helps.
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