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    For the moment, you can find the fork at https://github.com/franc6/Ketarin. Look in the Mono branch for all of the changes together. For now, the changes all fall into a few categories: Bugs or enhancements in Ketarin affecting Windows, and by extension, Linux. Modifications to allow Ketarin to run on Linux. GPL compliance. For the first category, there are only a few. I can easily submit pull requests for them, without including any of the other changes. For the second category, most of the changes right now are quick-and-dirty. That is, making use of conditional compilation and new build targets in the project file. I don't really like that method, but it's easy to maintain if you're not interested in having any of this category of changes. If you are interested, let me know, and we can discuss how you'd like to see them done -- dependency inversion, composition, or some other pattern when it's not a simple "replace '\\' with Path.DirectorySeparator"Char type of thing. For the last category, that's probably the most difficult. While it's a legal grey area on if you, as the original author, need to follow all the terms of the GPL, and it's generally accepted that you can have exceptions to the GPL, I can't. It's very much black-and-white. I must follow all the terms of the GPL, which means replacing all non-GPL code, too. I do have some other questions, but they'll only become important if you're interested in taking any of my changes.

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