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    Remove previous folders

    I'm using https://buildbot.orphis.net/ to update my PCSX2 install through Ketarin. I set it to extract its files (from a .7z archive) to a folder on my computer, but since it's a new version i need to remove the previous folder(s) of the same name. In the folder i see this: -pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-2525-g846f31851-windows-x86 -pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-2533-gb374b1bca-windows-x86 -pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-2534-gada5daf7c-windows-x86 Obviously, version 2534 is the most recent, but i can't find how to detect and remove the old versions. Can someone help me with some script to do this on Ketarin?

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