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  1. Knightmare

    Ketarin 1.8.10 beta 2

    I'm excited for the new version!
  2. Knightmare

    Running Self Extracting EXE from Ketarin

    What is -spe? For some reason, the post commands aren't running automatically: 7z x "{file}" -o"{root}SyMenu\ProgramFiles\" -y move "{root}SyMenu\ProgramFiles\DDU v{ver}" "{root}SyMenu\ProgramFiles\Display Driver Uninstaller" del /q "{root}SyMenu\ProgramFiles\DDU*.exe" Other than it, it's doing what I want it to do. EDIT: I think the issue was that there was a Display Driver Uninstaller folder in SyMenu root folder. Issue seems to be resolved.
  3. Knightmare

    Running Self Extracting EXE from Ketarin

    Well that was easy. Thanks! Now I just need to figure out how to exclude the root folder that has the version name, or rename the folder once it's extracted.
  4. I'm trying to add Display Driver Uninstaller to a collection of tools that I'm putting together but the file that is downloaded is a self extracting 7zip exe file. I know how to start the file automatically once it is downloaded but then it pops up with a screen asking me where I want to unpack the files. I would like for the whole process to be automated, since it is just for my recovery usb and I'm in any need for it at the moment.
  5. Knightmare

    rd command wildcard support

    There are not any subfolders; however, when the zip file contains the files in a folder. When I do 7z e, it takes out the contents of the folder and puts them in the FixWin folder that I have along with the folder that it emptied: When I unzip it with the commands that I show in my first post, I get this: Since I don't need the Internet shortcut or the Text Document, my work around is this: 7z e "{file}" -o"{root}SyMenu\ProgramFiles\FixWin\" *.exe *.dll -r -y
  6. Knightmare

    rd command wildcard support

    I'm trying to figure out how to delete a subfolder that is created when I download FixWin 10. I have the program set to extract the zip folder into a FixWin folder that I have created using the 7z e command to ignore the original structure; however, if a new version is released, the folder named after the version, so I'm left with an empty folder in my FixWin folder with the version name. Currently, it is If a new version comes out, then the name of that folder will change and when I update, I believe that I will have two empty folders: one with the old version name and the other with the new version name. I would like to delete the empty folder during extraction but I don't know how to do that. Any help?
  7. Knightmare

    Zemana Antimalware Portable

    Does anyone know how to get Zemana Antimalware into the database? Or does anyone have an xml file with the settings to download Zemana Antimalware?

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