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  1. Thanks Flo, the O.D. it´s working perfect now
  2. Great to hear this... btw I´m not familiar with computer languajes nor systems, but if there´s help needed deleting spam well I guess I can help on that...
  3. Flo is missing as well as CybTekSol, again Hope both are doing fine. Thanks CybTekSol for all the good will and my best wishes as well This forum will miss such a great moderator.
  4. Please let´s not judge. I did greatly enjoyed O.D. while it was being updated and outdated and overall Ketarin is still a great app — from a great dev. I´m more hoping that Flo is alright, same to CybTekSol.
  5. I have recently stumbled with an application that requires server authentication in order to download it. There is an option in Settings > Connection, but that´s seems to be a global connection setting. Any chance to add an option in the advanced tab? Thanks in advanced, Phil D.
  6. At first I thought of a temporal popup window from the system tray, which could display the info of the actual popup that shows up at the end of the update (in the interactive mode), to see at a glance if there is anything to check / fix. If there is, I may check then the detailed log. A log with the error lines of the actual Ketarin´s pop-up, it´s not exactly the same, but it still may make it easier since it can be displayed right after Ketarin has finished (in the silent mode). Not sure if I got that right, if it´s works as a separate switch you can specify one, the other or both. Cheers, Phil D.
  7. I heard somewhere about TextCrawler but never tried it, I will now, thanks for pointing it Also yeah it would be great if Flo gets persuaded to include another switch (crossed fingers) Thanks again Appyface for the good ideas Cheers, Phil D. (my apologies for posting almost one week later...)
  8. Thanks. That´s a pretty good idea, though I still like more the idea of a tiny popup or windows report, rather than having to check the whole log (something less disrupting - at a glance). Anyway right now it´s the best thing to do. btw If you don´t like the black window you can use HiddenStart in the shortcut
  9. Hey, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!
  10. The same happens to me, it´s hard to read the info in all the fast popups. Maybe, if I understood right what timteka means, a new window from the tray icon that reports the updated packages after the update could do it. Another idea could be to check all the packages silently and then display a window with all the avaliable updates and prompt to choose / select the ones to update.
  11. Just checked again and still I get the same values uh? Well anyway I´m going to check it later... thanks! Phil
  12. Hello, just wondering how often does the O.D. gets updated, since the last updated application appear to be on "21/07/2009 15:19:34" . Also the number of uses and dates in the Top 50 have remained the same... Does it gets updated like each 4 moth or it´s no longer being updated? Phil
  13. Hello maverikch, You can upload it to the Online Database It´s takes to right click the app, select edit, then go to the advanced settings tab and check "share this application online with others" BTW by the time of writing the O.D. seems to be down "Internal Server Error".
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