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  1. Direct link for drive.google.com ?

    @shawn Thank you for the answer ! But unfortunately, it seems that I don't have the technical level required : I don't understand the procedure (javascript) ^^. I will wait until you post eventualy a sample, if you will, and if you have time for that. Thanks again, anyway !
  2. Hello ! I would to know if it's possible with ketarin, to find the direct-link for a file hosted on drive.google.com. Has anyone ever tried, or would have an idea to do it ? Thanks in advance ! Cordially
  3. Check Updates, but comparing version with a log file

    Thank's for your answer, shawn ! So... If I understand correctly... I'm a big idiot ^^ ! I spent my time for create / test a batch procedure, for nothing ^^. But it's great if the function is already implemented . I was just blind, apparently . Thank's for accepting my suggestion of implement an pre-update exit code ! With soon ! PS : I have not received the notification mail for your answer. I have checked my spam, but nothing.
  4. Hello ! Thank's for the awesome soft, that I'm testing since yesterday . It's possible to add a function for check if update exist, but who compare the {version} variable vs a local "history.log" ? Because I like to systematically extract the archives and then delete them. Same as the files, which I rename systematically. Therefore ketarin legitimately thinks that a new version is released. I have make a similar fonction in batch, added on the "command before downloading" section. It compare the {version} variable vs an "history.log" file, who obviously contain the number version of application previously downloaded (maked whith the "commands after updating" ). If {version}=="version in history.log", then exit 3. It function good, but here's my "problem" : I would like the "green checked icon" instead of "yellow + floppy disk" icon. So... It's possible to add natively this option ? Or if not, It's possible to implemant an "exit 4", who completely TOTALY break the check / download precedure, AND display the green icon ? My second (big) problem is that "exit*" codes not function on the global "commands before updating" (it's normal ?)... Therefore, it is mandatory to enter my batch for each program individually, which makes it all really fastidious . Consider exit codes on global commands would be very appreciable :). Thank's for reading ! PS : sorry for my very bad English.