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  1. Adwcleaner gets SSL Error

    Awesome you rock! Thank you!
  2. Adwcleaner gets SSL Error

    If you can make an XML of a working non-https version, I would love to see it. I've tried all kinds of ways and can't get it to work with HTTP either. Kinda sucks, its one of our most used programs, but worthless if not updated.
  3. Adwcleaner gets SSL Error

    Actually, that doesn't seem to work either. It just says there is no update, even if there isn't a file existing or I try to force a download. No file is transferred.
  4. Has anyone figured out how to download MalwareBytes Adwcleaner? I've tried using the XML from the applications section that was updated this year, but I get an error: "The request was aborted. Could not create ssl/tls secure channel." I've tried this on my Window 10 system but fearing a firewall or Kaspersky problem, I also tried it on a Windows 7 computer with nothing but base Windows installed.... Same error from Ketarin. Any ideas?