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  1. the variable doesnt seem to work anymore :/ needed it to get the filename of the .rar I was downloading so I could rename the folder "DrvBK2_1.rar" is the file name so i just want "DrvBK2_1" log is this E:\Repair>ren E:\Repair\Backup\{url:basefile} DriverBackup2 The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. also new beta version doesn't resize the "execute the following commands after downloading" editbox when you drag the corner to resize the window, the top window "execute the following commands before downloading" works though
  2. yea but if you checkmark that feature you dont get the newest download if the file was extracted from zip the first time because the zip is there no more
  3. just finished making TechTools which is basically a premade ketarin db and pstart xml that downloads the files for techs to keep their thumbdrives up to date http://www.whatsmypass.com/techtools-3-0 The only issue still remains is that ketarin still looks for the downloaded zipfile to know if it has to update , so you gotta keep a separate folder for them hopefully for the next version you can create an extra feature that you can choose whether to keep the individual zip or just record the filesize/modified date into the db so you have to keep the zips anymore
  4. the copy paste now paste on the bottom of the list, no longer under the entry you are copying any way to fix that again?
  5. lol something simple, i was overthinking , thnx
  6. http://sourceforge.jp/projects/crystaldiskinfo/ shows the current version as 3.3.0 on that page but the download link uses _ underscores for the version http://jaist.dl.sourceforge.jp/crystaldiskinfo/45240/CrystalDiskInfo3_3_0.zip im using variable to get the "3.3.0" from the page as {version} how would i use regexreplace to get the 3.3.0 to 3_3_0 to make the download link i cant use it in the url right? something like this jaist.dl.sourceforge.jp/crystaldiskinfo/45240/CrystalDiskInfo{version:regexreplace:([0-9]{1,2\}).([0-9]{1,2\}).([0-9]{4\}):$1_$2_$3).zip
  7. doing that way still prompts for download even though the files are the same 1/23/2010 5:12:15 PM: Update started with 1 application(s) 1/23/2010 5:12:15 PM: SuperAntiSpyware: Using referer: (none) 1/23/2010 5:12:18 PM: SuperAntiSpyware: Server source file: /sassaferun.php 1/23/2010 5:12:18 PM: SuperAntiSpyware: Determined target file name: C:\Computer-Repair\VirusSpywareRemoval\SAS.com 1/23/2010 5:12:18 PM: SuperAntiSpyware: Checking if update is required... 1/23/2010 5:12:18 PM: SuperAntiSpyware: Update required, file modified dates do not match 1/23/2010 5:12:36 PM: Update finishe
  8. their new portable version was released but the download link sets the downloaded filename as a random name like "SAS_986A283.COM" so the next time ketarin goes to update it it doesnt find the file and will download it again if there anyway to force the download filename to a default name like "sas.com" ?
  9. yea because alot of times i download the zipfile and extract it or i download the file ex: blah123.exe and rename it blah.exe so i can open it with pstart and it not error when its a new version name so itd be better for ketarin to just have the old file version/filesize in the db so i dont have a bunch of zips on my thumbdrive or renamed versions of the same exe taking up space
  10. should implement 2 things: 1. native 7zip support 2. instead of checking the actual downloaded file for update it should check from its own database of what was last downloaded , not the actual physical file this is because i use ketarin to keep my thumbdrive apps updated, but if i extract the files from their zip file i need to keep an extra folder with all the downloaded .zips so ketarin wont download them again. like if i download revo uninstaller from http://www.revouninstaller.com/revouninstaller.zip i need to save in folder {root}ZipFiles\ so after it extracts to the revo fol
  11. ah , i missed the referrer , thanks
  12. trying to get the url of portable recuva this page spits it out to you in a browser http://www.piriform.com/recuva/download/portable/downloadfile dont know how to get the file from it for ketarin
  13. hey im the one who put together the toolkit on whatsmypass.com ketarin is great tool for techs like me who like to have the most updated tools i like using nirsoft's password recovery tools but sometimes when i plug my usb drive in antiviruses pick them up and auto delete them so ketarin s a great way to get them back on my drive i hope you dont mind me distributing ketarin this way
  14. {url:basefile} tried adding an extra command: 7z x {file} -o"{root}Computer-Repair\{category}\{appname}\" -y ren {url:basefile} {appname} to rename the folder but the {url:basefile} variable isnt working the log only shows this after extracting the file: C:\>ren {url:basefile} MozBackup
  15. yes its happened a few times luckily i backed up my jobs.db beforehand and i wasableto get my entries back why does ketarin write to app folder , it should just write into same directory
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