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  1. SwithMail update alert with log file of error

    Done! Thanks for the ping suggestion too, I will check for that.
  2. Ketarin 1.8.9

    Work perfect! Fixed all my errors on FH links, thanks!
  3. SwithMail update alert with log file of error

    Thanks for the reply! I will definitely add that to my script. EDIT: Here is what I ended up doing for this: Before updating: if "{version}"=="" echo ERROR /// {category:replace:&:^&} /// {appname:replace:&:^&} >> log.txt if "{version}"=="\{version\}" echo ERROR /// {category:replace:&:^&} /// {appname:replace:&:^&} {version:replace:&:^&} >> log.txt if "{version}"=="" exit 1 After updating: echo {category:replace:&:^&} /// {appname:replace:&:^&} {version:replace:&:^&} >> log.txt After updating all: SwithMail.exe /s /from "YOUREMAIL@DOMAIN.COM" /name "SENDER NAME" /a "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ketarin\log.txt" /server "YOUR SMTP SERVER" /p "25" /to "RECEIVER@DOMAIN.COM" /subject "Toolbox update" /body "All application has been updated, error is in the log file attachment." ping -n 1 -w 10000 >nul break > "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ketarin\log.txt" Thought it will be nice to share the whole script if anyone need a same functionality, the log file is written at your Ketarin install folder. For the "after updating all" I use a ping to delay the clear of the log file, so the file have time to send by email before it clear out and if in any case you don't have any error, the email will send anyway because the log file is there! (Instead of deleting it each time)
  4. Hi everyone, I'm using Ketarin to update a large application repository in a Toolbox of a software we use at work. It work on a server with a Windows task /silent /notify once a week. For now, we receive email notification of application that has been updated with the SwithMail arguments: /subject "Ketarin update {appname:replace:&:^&}" /body "{appname:replace:&:^&} {version:replace:&:^&}" I'm wondering if there any simple way to get email also when an error occur on the update of an application, or maybe a command to save all errors on a log file and then we can send the attachment as well with the email? I browsed this forum a lot and never find something that could achieve that. Thanks for that really great software!