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  1. Yes. That is exactly what I was asking. If we could make the backup an OPTION. I am a very obsessive person and I'm having to constantly delete all those backups from my drive. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's not that i don't think the backup is a good feature its just a little annoying to open my drive and see 6 files there.(other then ketarin, my jobs.db and the other dll file, plus my personal backup file that i made BEFORE the automatic backup was implemented)
  2. Hey flo is there anyway we can make the jobs.db backing up an option? i have my own program to backup the jobs file and it is also kinda cluttered with 6 backups.
  3. Cool man ill be waiting for them That's ok man i was just wondering but you should start making one....more advanced users might be wanting to know exactly whats changed in the new versions.
  4. I would like more information on my downloads like: estimated time to completion, download speed, % complete. These could be in the download progress bar or even in the application title bar(what ever way you feel it should be implemented). This would be a great update cause as of currently the progress bar just advances and doesn't show an actual percentage. OT: Where can i find a release log for Ketarin? Could you include one with the program in the future? PS: Flo Keep Up The Good Work! ! Loving Every Feature Of Your Program And It Just Keeps Getting Better!
  5. From what i read in that post i can't really tell is he going to include it?
  6. I Would Like To Request md5 support. There could be a box to imput the md5s at and we could use a variable to define it...just a useful suggestion now that most sites offer md5 keys on their download/support pages. Who else thinks this would be a good idea?
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