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  1. Well looks like I was wrong. I ran Ketarin again, and the FTP download did work. Funny, I can't seem to replicate what Ketarin was doing earlier, but perhaps it was just a GUI problem...
  2. Hi there, Just regarding the feature request that started this thread. Would it be possible to have an option that has Ketarin check for updates, but not download them. For instance, the NetBeans IDE or Nero are rather large downloads, so sometimes I would rather not download them, but I would like to know if there's a new version out or not, and then have the option of downloading them. I'm not quite sure how one would add this to the interface, and it can probably be done with webmon, but it would be a nice to have in my opinion. Thanks, William
  3. Hi there, Tried to find another FTP site to download from and found the following link, ftp://ftp.ftpplanet.com/MP3_Software/WinAmp/winamp3_0-full.exe It has the same behaviour as above in Ketarin. I'm thinking this is more of a feature request then rather than a bug, to be able to download from an FTP site... William
  4. Hi there, I think I've found another bug, but not quite sure. It occurs when I try downloading the Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers from the following link using Ketarin, The link works when I paste it in my browser, but for some reason with Ketarin, the progress bar simply keeps cycling. It's as if it gets caught in an infinite loop. Not sure whether it has something to do with the fact that the link is an FTP site? Thanks, William
  5. Hi there, While on the topic of FileHippo, would it be possible to have a local setting for each download that indicates whether or not to download the beta versions from FileHippo, rather than a global one? My motivation for this is that 'beta' can mean very different things for different programs. For instance I have no problem downloading the Audacity Beta but there are some programs such as Flash or Shockwave player that I would rather download the release version. Just a thought, Thanks, William
  6. wilmee

    Proxy Settings

    Hi there, Once again I'm not quite sure where to put this but it does seem like a bug. Regarding the proxy settings, I'm having some trouble downloading using Ketarin at work. So yes, I am able to download packages using Ketarin, but it's very inconsistent. As I am at work I have to use the proxy address to get through the local firewall. What I have found is that if I open Ketarin and then run 'Update', Ketarin fails to connect and download any packages whatsoever. However, if I simply view the proxy settings (which have been previously setup during another session of the pro
  7. Hi there, Not sure if this is just me, but it seems as if the value I enter for 'Spoof HTTP referer:' is lost when I close Ketarin and then open it again. For example, I use it when downloading from SourceForge. The URL download source 'http://downloads.sourceforge.net/axcrypt/AxCrypt-Setup.exe' requires spoof HTTP referer 'http://sourceforge.net/projects/axcrypt/'. So it works fine when I enter it the first time, but once I close Ketarin and open it again, the value is gone. Is it possibly not being saved in the jobs.db? Thanks
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