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  2. AHA!! That's what I was missing! I had the "ignore (etc.)" option unchecked. After checking it, and then clicking "Check for update" twice in a row (the first time it still said there was an update available for some reason) it now says it's up to date. Thank you! Just for the sake of learning, what exactly is it 'checking' for the currently installed version? Does it arbitrarily choose a .exe file from that folder and check it's version?
  3. Hi @shawn Thank you for the fast response, and help. Here is a short gif of what a typical app of mine looks like: https://i.imgur.com/7iEUePw.gif Can you tell me exactly what I would change in it in order to get VSCode to work? I'd really appreciate it.
  4. Unless you configure the option on the Advanced tab named "Use the following variable as indicator for changes" Ketarin will use its native HTTP header parsing capability to determine if the downloaded file would be newer/different than the last file it downloaded. Be aware that this does not work for some sites, so you should get in the habit early and parse your own version numbers from the source website so you have better control over whether the file is actually newer. For example, I download many ISO files for different operating systems and the last thing you want is to download an extra 8 copies of Fedora every time you run Ketarin because the Fedora site uses a new ETag and timestamp with every request, effectively breaking cache controls. Downloading an extra 40 GB of Fedora spins a couple times a day is a good way to waste bandwidth. Using a version variable which parses the changelog for the current release version, and "version" in the "Use the following variable as indicator for changes" field avoids this problem very nicely. Be aware that there's also an Advanced option to "ignore file information" that needs to be checked if you will be deleting the actual downloaded files after extracting their contents. If you don't have this option enabled then Ketarin will default to correcting the missing files by re-downloading them.
  5. Welcome to Ketarin, @Kacey. You're going to love it. Ketarin can use many automatic methods to detect if a download is different, including checking the HTTP headers of the response (download URL) for the file size, file timestamp, ETag, and cache-control headers. Ketarin also intelligently (though not always perfectly) parses the download filenames from redirects and downloads. If the source site is doing things correctly, it does a hell of a job. That said, the beauty of Ketarin is that you don't have to rely on that. If you want more details (such as the specific version number) you can use the "monitor for changes" variable to parse something specific on the source website as a version or change indicator. You can then use this information (if you want) within the download file name. If you're going to use your process above (download, extract, delete partial data, delete zip) you can automate the entire process in Ketarin. There are actually several samples of doing exactly that here on the forum. In the specific case of this file and your stated purpose (download, extract, delete), I would use the static "go" link MS provides and hard-code the output filename to ease extraction. It's not a huge deal to use {file} instead of "vscode.zip" but if you're new it can make things a little easier.
  6. Hi all I like to run portable software as much as I can. So whenever possible I download a .zip version of the software, and extract it to it's install folder and just run it from there. Using Ketarin to check for updates, I don't understand how it knows what the current version of the software already in the install folder is before deciding an update is available? I have everything setup so far and working great as far as downloading the latest .zip, extracting it to the folder I want, deleting some things I don't want, then deleting the new .zip (to save space; I'm kinda OCD about clutter :)), but I don't see anywhere that tells me, or points to, how it gets the current version to check against? i.e. it's not pointing to "code.exe" to extract the version number in the install folder, to compare against the version found at the URL I use to check the latest version. As of right now, even after doing a fresh update (and I manually check to make sure it did in fact update), then checking in Ketarin again for an update to it, it always says there's an update available. To me this seems to mean Ketarin isn't actually checking the "installed" version first? I'm brand spanking new to Ketarin, and have read the Wiki, but still confused. Can anyone please help?
  7. Hello all I'm new to Ketarin and need to download the .zip version of Visual Studio Code. Here is the main download page: https://code.visualstudio.com/Download Then I click the Windows -> .zip 64 Bit link, which has a URL like this: https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/?dv=winzip Also note that on that page I can check the latest version, however it leaves out the revision number ... (only shows 1.36 rather than 1.36.1) Clicking it takes me to a page that auto-downloads the file, with a crazy URL, like this: https://az764295.vo.msecnd.net/stable/2213894ea0415ee8c85c5eea0d0ff81ecc191529/VSCode-win32-x64-1.36.1.zip Also, on that page is the option to "directly download" via a redirect link, like this: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?Linkid=850641 -- Being new, I'm completely lost on how I can update this? Can anyone help? PS: What normally I do is, download the .zip, extract it to a install folder, delete some unwanted files/folders (like locale files/folders) then finally delete the downloaded .zip.
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  9. Do you get the error if you use an actual file: URL such as "file:///C:/path/firefoxversion.txt" ?
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  11. Interesting, seems a bit like a bug in the .NET Framework maybe. Will catch the exception anyway to prevent an error from occurring.
  12. When i add a variable to an application, which is part of the download URL (for example https://download-installer.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/firefox/releases/{version}/win32/en-US/Firefox Setup {version}.exe) or the filename (for example d:\Firefox {version}.exe), and the variable is read from a local file, then canceling a file download (update or force download) will result in an unhandled exception error: I get the same error with Ketarin and 1.8.11 Beta. These are the steps to recreate this error (using Firefox as an example): Create a text file (c:\firefoxversion.txt) and write a version number into it (68.0). Create a new application in Ketarin (Firefox), and add a version variable to it. Change the type to Content from URL (Regular Expression), add the path to the text file into Contents from URL (c:\firefoxversion.txt), and add [\d\.]+ as the regular expression. Add the download URL: https://download-installer.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/firefox/releases/{version}/win32/en-US/Firefox Setup {version}.exe Add a path to Save in folder (c:\). Update (or force download) this application. Cancel during the download. I uploaded firefoxversion.txt and firefox.xml. To test this, import firefox.xml into Ketarin and copy firefoxversion.txt to c:\. firefoxversion.txt firefox.xml
  13. If I add a Powershell command to an application (doesn't matter, if it's pre or post download command), do an application update, and then click on the "Cancel" button during the download, I get an unhandled exception error. The Powershell command i tried was write-host $app.name (Ketarin adds this automatically, if I switch the command option to Powershell). If I remove the Powershell command, then i can cancel during an application download without errors. Edit: Ketarin throws the same error. This bug is older, than the current 1.8.11 Beta version. Edit2: This error is not related to Powershell commands. I will post a bug report in the Bugs section after i figured out what causes this error.
  14. Thank you very much! Works for me Edit: Unfortunately, not completely. I got an error for iTunes (Download URL for FileHippo ID 'itunes' cannot be found.) and VLC Media Player (404) as well as Silverlight. thanks!
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